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Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research

Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research (MCQLR) is an independent, non-profit research and educational organization created in 1999 to realize the key issues of the health care development in Russia for 2000-2015. The MCQLR promotes research, training, and innovative programs in clinical medicine with the focus on patient-reported outcomes. The mission of the MCQLR is to support and facilitate studies with the evaluation patient benefits of treatment, to provide excellence in quality of life and symptom research within Russian setting, and to improve education of physicians and researchers in patient-reported outcomes. The key activities include coordination of research programs in Russia with the focus to patient-reported outcomes, conducting studies on patient-reported outcomes, establishment of QoL and symptom research network in Russia, participation in the international programs on patient-reported outcomes and coordination of their realization within Russian setting, providing training for physicians and researchers on quality of life and symptom assessment in different fields of medicine.

The MCQLR provides a comprehensive variety of research and training services to academia, corporations, and individuals. Services are provided on a local and national level. Beside research and education, the MCQLR provides consultancy to various governmental, non-governmental and private entities.

The MCQLR issues the All-Russian scientific journal «The Bulletin of Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research» (since 2003, twice a year).

The MCQLR is a multidisciplinary center. The MCQLR consists of staff, faculty and a network of research collaborators drawn from diverse fields of medicine. Research collaborators bring extensive experience at leading academic and public health institutions to the MCQLR.

The Chair of the MCQLR Board is Prof. Tatyana Ionova, PhD, Chair of the Quality of Life Research Unit, North-Western branch of the Pirogov National Medical Surgical Center. From 2006 till now she is a Secretary of the EHA Scientific Working Group «Quality of Life and Symptoms». The faculty members are involved in activities of international societies, namely ISOQOL, EHA, ASH, ESMO, EHA, EBMT.




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