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Bulletin of the Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research

Bulletin of the Multinational Center of Quality of Life Research

A. A. Novik, T. I. Ionova, T. P. Nikitina, S. A. Kalyadina, K. A. Kurbatova, L. P. Mendeleeva, O. A. Rukavitcin, N. G. Tyurina, L. S. Zubarovskaya, I. M. Zapreeva, E. I. Podoltceva, I. A. Lisukov, T. S. Konstantinova, T. P. Zagoskina, A. A. Myasnikov, V. A. Lapin, V. I. Par, R. A. Ivanov

Quality of life in patients with hematological malignancies in different time-points after bone marrow/ hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

The article is devoted to patterns of quality of life changing in patients with blood cancer during the first year after bone marrow/peripheral stem cells transplantation. In overwhelming majority of patients there were identified either complete clinical remission, or partial remission, or disease stabilization after autologouse BMT/PSCT; there were either complete quality of life response, or stabilization of quality of life response on treatment registered in overwhelming majority of patients after 6 and 12 months after BMT/PSCT.
Tumor response and quality of life response were in agreement not in all cases. All the results demonstrate that treatment response relating with quality of life doesn't duplicate the clinical response but supplement it with important information and do so the clinician's concept of patients condition after BMT/PSCT more clear and detailed.

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