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Bulletin of the Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research

Bulletin of the Multinational Center of Quality of Life Research

Bulletin of the Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research 2017/29-30



Ionova T.I., Nikitina T.P.
Modern approaches for interpreting quality of life data in pediatrics


Il'ina I.V.
Comparative assessment of health status in people living in Orlovskaya region using quality of life assessment technology

Chernousov A.F., Horobryh T.V., Vetshev F.P., Mugadzaveta D., Osminin S.V., Nikitina T.P., Ionova T.I.
Quality of life in patients with long-term complicated gastroesophageal reflux disease after surgery

Ionova T.I., Bulieva N.B., Vinogradova O.Yu., Gritsenko T.A., Golenkov A.K., Zinkovskaya A.V., Kozlova L.K., Kuchma G.B., Lipatova D.A., Lomaia E.G., Machulaytene E.R., Nikitina T.P., Novitskaya N.V., Trifonova E.V., Usacheva E.I., Shneider T.V.
Quality of life and symptoms in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in chronic phase during target treatment (dasatinib as first and second line therapy) in a real world setting

Vasilenko S.A., Yunsy G.A., Tulyakova T.A., Usachenko VP., Trebushenko S.Yu.
Quality of life of children in remission of lymphoid and hematopoietic malignancies in Crimea

Vologdina I.V., Poroshina E.G., Stanzhevsky A.A., Petrov A.V.
The impact of cognitive and affective disorders on clinical characteristics and quality of life in elderly chronic heart failure patients

Egorova I.A., Buchnov A.D., Chervotok A.E., Mikhailova E.S.
Quality of life and psycho-vegetative characteristics of somatic dysfunctions in patients with transitory disturbance of cerebral circulation


Ionova T.I., Nikitina T.P.
Population-based studies of pediatric quality of life


Ionova T.I., Bolotina L.V., Breder V.V., Danilova A.S., Zinkovskaya A.V., Lipatova D.A., Malova O.A., Moiseenko F.V., Nikitina T.P., Orlova R.V., Protsenko S.A., Filippova E.A., Laktionov K.K.
Quality of life and symptoms in patients with advanced refractory non-small cell lung cancer


Zinkovskaya A.V., Ionova T.I.
Important statistical task in quality of life research


Information for membership in Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research (MCQLR)


Report on the V Eurasian Hematology Forum, 6–9 April, 2017, St Petersburg, Russian Federation

Report on the meeting of the EHA Scientific Working Group «Quality of Life and Symptoms» within the 22nd Annual European Hematology Association congress, 23 June 2017, Madrid, Spain

VІI All-Russian Conference with International Participation «Modern Trends in Quality of Life Research in Health Care», 10–11 November 2017, Moscow, Russian Federation


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