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Bulletin of the Multinational Center for Quality of Life Research

Bulletin of the Multinational Center of Quality of Life Research

V. I. Pomazkin

Quality of life of patients with complicated types of pilonidal sinus after different surgical techniques

The purpose of this work was the estimation of results after operation at various methods of surgical treatments of difficult fistulous forms of pilonidal sinus (PS). In research were included 68 patients with IIВ degree of complexity of PS. The basic group consisted of 36 patients who after excising of fistulous courses has been made closing wound defect by the moved dermal flaps on type Z-plastics.
The control group included 32 patients with formation of the linear wound which was at the bottom of intergluteal cleft on an average line. Wounds purulent complications are noted at 5.5 % of patients in the basic group and at 25 % of patients in control group.
Average terms of healing of wounds were accordingly 13.4 and 29.4 days. Frequency of relapses was observed in 2.7 % of patients in the basic group and 15 % of patients in the control group. At an estimation of quality of a life in the basic group are noted smaller terms of existence of local pains, higher indicators of scales of questionnaire MOS SF-36 and the general satisfaction by quality of a life. The conclusion is drawn on advantages of application Z-plastics at closing wound defect at excising of difficult forms of PS.

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